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Pat O'Brien Townsend - President
Mike Lane - Vice President
Richard Townsend - Secretary
Patrick Finnegan - Treasurer / Webmaster
Cheryl Lehr - Museum Director, Curator
Robin Cadby-Sorensen - Asst. Museum Director & Curator
Linda Wilcox - Gift Shop Manager
Sally Griffin - Membership Committee Chair
Pam Waggener - Volunteer Coordinator
Larry Wilcox - Depot Defender Project Manager
Phyllis Norman - Trustee
Joan Dorsey - Trustee
Allan Veltkamp - Trustee
Gayle Clifford - Trustee


Membership to the Three Forks Area Historical Society is open to anyone interested in local history. Membership fees and contributions are tax deductible. Annual membership fees are $25 per year. After five consecutive years of annual membership or paying $125, the member reaches the Gallatin level. Continued membership patronage or "paddling up the river," raises the membership level. The levels as you paddle up the rivers are;

Gallatin: $125
Madison: $250
Jefferson: $500
Missouri: $1000
Headwaters: $5000

What we do
From its beginning the Three Forks Area Historical Society's purpose, taken from their constitution, has been to "preserve and make available for study and research the history and culture of the area…"

If you have visited the Headwaters Heritage Museum, you no doubt believe the Society is fulfilling its purpose. But look around some more and you will find that the Society has gone above and beyond. For instance, many of the businesses around town have historic photos and memorabilia prominently displayed on their walls, some of which were provided by the museum. The Caboose Visitor Center in Milwaukee Park was acquired and is maintained by the Historical Society. The mural painted on Seiler's Hardware was conceived and provided by the Society. Sacajawea Park, with the beautiful "Coming Home" statue, benches, and memorial walls were all conceived and provided by the Society. In 2010, the Fur Trade Symposium brought over a hundred visitors from around the country and gave local businesses and organizations an economic boost. The Society has published the Selected Papers of the 2010 Fur Trade Symposium, which is on sale at the museum gift shop along with many other books, keepsakes and gifts.

We continue our mission with the Depot Defender project, by saving Trident's Northern Pacific Depot, built in about 1910, moving it to Three Forks and working to create a railroad and Trident heritage center. Many of the railroad and Trident related artifacts in the Headwaters Heritage Museum will eventually be moved to the depot for display, opening up the museum to add other important displays. You can help us with important work by becoming a Depot Defender.

Patrons and members are welcome to donate to the general operating fund of the Headwaters Heritage Museum or to the Railroaders' Rail of Honor Memorial, which honors the railroaders that lived, worked, or passed through the City of Three Forks in the over 70 years of railroad history. All donations and memorials are tax deductible.

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